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Feb. 4th, 2007

purple butterfly

Going NUTS!

it's been really cold these days, eh? Golly, it's also been a while since i posted in my livejournal account. if it took a bit longer, i wouldv'e forgotten that i actually have an account. hahaha. Anyway, these cold, shivering and lonely nights made me appreciate how simple things can keep you warm (literally). Honestly, what better way to spend your "alone time" than well, being alone. Its not that i dont like company anymore, it's just that having time devoted only to yourself is a neccessity. I am not a loner, to make things clear.

the past week was not at all boring, though our calculus and analytic geometry professors were out attending a seminar the whole week. I got to spend more time with someone special. yikiii. It was really fun, but now that our free-time's up, i guess we'll be resuming normal schedules.

okay, now i've been slacking off the past week. It seems that there are so many things that i have been fogetting over and over again. this is not good.....not good at all. I've been putting things back to normal now before i go back to school tomorrow morning. that is if i get things back to normal.

i totally said to myself that i should focus now that my subjects and professors are thougher and meaner, and my sched's quite a killer. ooh that rhymed. FOCUS! see what i mean? im practically going nuts. but somehow i wish to balance my time with some affiliations that are valuable to me as well, or i might end up loosing them and i wouldn't even know what happened.

Dec. 4th, 2006

purple butterfly


OMG! i can't believe it! We got really high ratings from our blockmates regarding the mtv. there was no grade lower than 3.0 (90) Also our professor didn't say anything bad about the mtv, in fact she told us that the scenes were very clear and easy to understand. Wow! At last we are done! And the last project we will be working on is our english descriptive paper, but we only have to compile all our drafts and revise them and we're done. So good bye to all our projects this term! foo~

this wednesday would be the day we will claim our EAFs (schedule and assesment of tuition for 3rd term) from the vice-dean. yay! i am soo ready for next term! bring it on! you wanna piece of me?! huh?! huh?! argh!

next week would be the finals week and im nervous like crazy. i dunno, im quite hysterical out of my mind. Maybe im just too excited to get these things over with and enjoy the holidays.

speaking of the holidays, you guys have any plans for the holidays? where to shop? who to shop for? decorations? parties? I sure hope you had 'coz me? nothing yet. Haha! Since it's the first time we'll be spending the holidays in Makati, i guess well be making slight changes in our annual traditions. uh, not like we have that of a big thing in our tradition or something. But somethings  gotta change, right?

im curently listing my "who to shop for" people. And i would be working on the "what to shop" list for the "who to shop for" people. uyyy, excited na ako...haha. only one problem, cash... but christmas is 2 weeks away, i can still save up. yeah!

Nov. 27th, 2006

purple butterfly

little morning angel

she wakes with such poignant eyes
the sun awes the complexity of dawn
beaming through such gentle edges of gold
inches against the linen of her lashes

the wind, in great tranquility,
hissed against her soft silk-like stands
as she steps into the warmness of the light

a smille slowly etches on her lips
as she folded her little hands together
to earnestly invoke guide
for a journey awaiting her

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purple butterfly

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